A verse from Geeta.



“Uddharedatmanatmanam Natmanmavasadyet l
Atmaiva Hyatmano Bandhuratmaiva Ripuratmanah ll
– Geeta, Chapter6, Verse5.

“Let a person lift himself by his self alone, and let him not lower himself.
Indeed self alone is the friend of oneself, and this self is the enemy of oneself.”

One of my favorite verses from Holy Geeta. Inspires us for self-creation. As nobody other than you is responsible for your situation. If something is happening with you then you are the cause. One have to take the responsibilities. Try to be a mentor of your body and mind. Look at the positivity of your situation to energize yourself. Look at the negativities or fallacies of situation to improve yourself.
Neither take it to the extreme of self-criticism for your fallacies nor to the level where self-appreciation becomes your arrogance. Be realistic, be informed, and remain aware of your deeds. Don’t let your thinking or actions to degrade yourself. One should not have any notion of blaming others for your downfall. Do your duty, enjoy your work, stay hopeful, and stay blessed.
You are your friend you are your enemy identify the face you have adopted for now. Choice is always yours what you want to be a friend or a foe?


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