Loving someone means let them feel free


~let them go~

Have affection then don`t seek domination.
Silent and sincere care is the best form of love.

Seeking domination in someone`s life is just an indication of arrogance. Where you want to rule the person`s life in return of your few favors. Seeking domination cause you feel envy with importance of other people in your loved one`s life. Alternatively, insecurity of being in isolation or inferiority of not being valued enough says us to hold the command of their life.

If this is the case, then it means you never cared with your heart. You just did a favor to someone in order to increase your value in his or her life. To feed your pseudo prestige of being highly helpful or kind hearted. Therefore, height of your egotism will remain unparalleled.

However, if you really care then allow them to be free. Let them choose freely. Even when you are out of their choice, stay away cheerfully.
Always remember love never demands, if you really feel the happiness in the happiness of that person. If his or her feeling of joy is enough for you, then you will never seek your command over them.

Rather, an eternal happiness will flow through your heart, which will keep you happy forever. You will not feel any insecurity or restlessness. You will feel free. Then and only then you will understand the true power of your love.



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