29 Days…

 29 days to go. I will finally be entitled with a tag of ‘Engineer’ and will increase the population of this overly populated #SectionofProfessionals. Soon I’ll be out of this port city.

Suddenly, I stopped disliking few things about my college and faculties. Humid conditions are no more irritating to me. I want to laugh as much as I can with my friends, so, that I can collect the gems that will not be with me after 29days. Hence, decided today to write what I’ll miss about my friends most.

Starting with my very own Bengali room-mate Bitan. An intelligent person, who apparently holds a PhD degree in criticizing things, he can criticize almost anything or everything. From a pin to almighty god, from a piece of blank paper to very vast literature, nothing is practically out of his criticism. His love for Japan, chicken, car, games, #good-movies and hate for vegetarian dishes (being a veggie I love his hate for my favorites) is taller than the height of Sr. Bachhan. But, what’ll remember most is his openness of mind for all.

Now coming to the most versatile person I ever lived with, ‘Ranjan’ lovingly called as ‘Ranjan Baba’ for enlightening us with all is Gyans (ultra-specific-knowledge emerging from dirtiest, wittiest and ugliest fibers of his brain) Bhashans (Grand preaches where according to him alcohol is universal solution to every problem human beings are facing in this mortal world). For, last 4 years I never saw him losing his hopes. He is the one who never ever complains for any problem coming to him in his life. What I’ll never forget about him is his problem solving attitude.

Mayukh or our #Yo_So_Cool_Mandy, his theory of deduction on human behaviors seconds to none (except my favorite character Sherlock Holmes). A happy go lucky person, who talks with everyone and knows everyone (even if little bit), he takes no offence when someone cracks a joke over him. Smile is the best medicine he discovered for himself. So, he smiles all the times even if something is hurting him. The best part of him is that you can emotionally blackmail him and he’ll get blackmailed knowingly. Singer, cook and a hidden poet is what a simple Mandy is. Though, what I’ll remember most is his bicycle.

‘Abhishek’ or simply Abhi, what to say about him? A light hearted, simple, respected, innocent person, who knows his weaknesses but is unsure about his strengths, when god was distributing the sincerity he accidently gave him 10times more what in an average is given to a single person. Lying isn’t his cup of tea. Rare flashes of his adorable smile, is what everyone will miss the most I guess.

Anand or better to say methodological Anand, apart from sharing his name with my second name, he has lots of other merits in his account also. He is smart-working, diplomatic, sarcastic, witty, and realistic, a fan of Premchand and his realistic short-stories. He calculates then he executes, I even doubt sometimes if he calculates the amount of oxygen content before inhaling air and amount of CO2 before exhaling, cause of his concerns for his health and global warming.
His sarcastic jokes will be remembered by me most.

Subhas, our Bangla_Hritik, apart from having a very good physic, open mind and magnificent analytical skill, he has an awesome fondness for #good_food, just ask him and he is always ready to eat. It is always fun to have him around. His company will definitely be missed by lots of his friends.


6 thoughts on “29 Days…

  1. Mayukh Panda says:

    ya…i will miss those greate personalities….but along with the writer “ABHINAW”….a verry helping friend….who always obey the theory of positiveness…comparetively a good speaker…intelectual…and importantly good writer…i will remember this vegiterian friend for his possitive attitude….also i will miss our fhuchka trip…the mad wind of haldia…and the evening sedule of “dadu ka chaye”….and many more which can not be explained by words….

  2. Ranjan says:

    K re vai!!! Kya hai ye sab

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