~forget me not~

~forget me not~

An idea which is always new… A charm which is always true…
An everlasting fragrance that never fades… A smile that never degrades…

Is the thing we call Beauty…
One can find it anywhere…
May be in the images of a deep ocean….Or may over the peak of a mountain…

The only thing you need is to explore your mind for the magnificence. Never let the external forces around you to control you. Be the master of your actions. Be the master of your emotions. Never let your mood of joy to set-off. Never let your mind to run over you and letting you get bored.
That is being fresh and always does something new.
And, if something is troubling you. Then, behave like a master and change it like a mater. And, if you can’t change it then accept it like a kid. Whatever may be the case or situation you are going through?
Let your lips to smile. Let your heart to feel that elation. A simple expression will take away all your tensions.

Beauty is the word that will bring everything to you. If you can understand what is beauty and how it grows.


2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Thank you for those inspirational words, I really appreciate what you do 🙂

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