Just my opinion…


~good in bad, bad in good~

Nothing is good or bad. The goodness and the badness live together in everyone or everything. One cannot separate them. There comes a moment when everything turns its color from dark to bright and vice-versa. A thing which is supposed to be good at its initiation turns out to be bad at some point of time. One should remain aware enough to clearly understand that moment. To adopt the amendments and corrective measures to ensure that goodness will prevail in it. And, if it is not possible then I’ll suggest leaving the particular custom or principle for a greater good.  You have the energy to create and recreate the things. Do create your set of principles. Do follow a path which is wholly accepted by your heart. That path or rule may have something bad within it. People around you may criticize you by finding loop holes in it. But you should not get afraid by that. If you find something is turning bad then change the bad don’t change yourself. Till your heart is right your path is right. No matter if someone cannot understand it. No matter if you cannot find people to support you. Just have faith on you. Your soul will guide your path. I believe this path is my religion which keeps me human. Otherwise I don’t believe in following all the sets of rule which were created thousands of years ago to guide the masses of people. I believe in learning the art of humanity. And, so in the saying “Change is a law of nature.”


2 thoughts on “Just my opinion…

  1. Ritvik says:

    Good thought…!

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