Thankyou Di..!

Thankyou Di..
Thankyou for being there..
Being there to share my happiness..
To share my sorrow..
Thankyou for the hopes..
You always give me for my brighter tomorrow.

Thankyou for being caring..
Caring enough to teach me..
How to care?
Thankyou for teaching me..
The amazement of having dare..
Thankyou for your everlasting charm..
That keeps me away from every harm…


A thread of promise..

Thankyou for giving me your finger..
while crossing the roads..
Thankyou for holding my hand.
while boarding the boats..
A sense of security I found..
Whenever you were around..
And it was not a matter of my childhood…
Your magic is still in my ground..
Working with an equal sound..

The patience and elegance..
You have…
Is incomparable..
Matters over which I should thankyou..
Are innumerable..
There is nothing in return..
I can do for you..
I just want to wish you all the happiness..
And, a promise to..
That I’ll always remain by ur side…
No matter if we will ever fight..
Everything will always gonna be alright…


2 thoughts on “Thankyou Di..!

  1. Abhishek says:

    मस्त है।

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