Self Actualisation

Follow the eternity...!

Follow the eternity…!

Self realization or self actualization.
The night lead me to a perfect horizon.
Wandering in the no man’s land.
Stalking for hours over the burning sand.

Humiliated as never before.
Feeling rejected like a metaphor.
Nothing by far toiled me to this extent
Nothing by far irritated me to this extent.

All I want is to get rid of the reason.
All I want is to get rid of the situation.
But I end up like a year old child.
Who can’t even escape through a hole wide.

The moment I decide myself to quit.
The moment I plan myself to split.
A sudden visualization come in my mind.
The problems are only within me, and I’m responsible for the situation of this kind,
are the lessons it remind.

I wake up again, with a smile.
I resolve them for the sake of mine.
I play the role of guardian angel of mine.
All I end up with an everlasting smile, over the face of mine.


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